Sunday, 13 November 2011

In Boom Box Review I will talk about albums, and i will give my opinion on it. I will be doing reviews on any kind of albums: soul, funk ,metal,rap...

In this blog I will also talk about French albums, because some people don't know any French artists, so it will be a good opportunity to talk about French music for the people who don't usually listen to french bands,But I will also talk about American and English music that I listen to.

I am doing this blog about because I like listening to  music, and  it’s a way to show people music bands  they might not know.


NERD is an American soul, rock and hip hop band formed in 2001 by Pharell Williams,Chad Hugo and shay Haley. The band recorded 4 albums: In search of … (2002), Fly or Die (2004), seeing sounds (2008) and Nothing (2010).

What is really interesting with this band is that each album are different from each other, we have a more hip hop style with the first one, a rock and funk album with the second one, a rock and pop with the third one and house and R&B album with Nothing.

                          Seeing sounds album

Nerd is a great band with a good singer and incredible musicians; they manage to bring together all kind of music. The band disbanded in 2005 and they finally reunited and released their third album “seeing sounds”. They sold more than 80 000 copies in the first week.

I really like this band because each time you listen to a different album you have that impression it’s not the same band playing and that’s a good thing because they are not always performing the same music.

The songs you must listen to: stay together, windows, anti-matter, fly or die, backseat love, maybe sooner and later and hypnotize u and provider.

                            provider song