Sunday, 11 December 2011

5 useful websites


Datt piff is a website where you can download  legally, Hip Hop music for free.


Deezer is a website where you can listen to french radio and listen to any kind of music.


music me is exactly like Deezer.


Hot new hip hop is a website where you can  listen to  all the latest hip hop songs, you can also download some songs.

You can listen to all kind of music even french music.
Skip the use: "Sound from the shadow"

Skip the use is a French punk band from Lille with the charismatic singer mat Bastard. After a great success in 2009 with their previous album entitled “Skip the Use” they released their second album “Sound from the shadow” in 2011. Two years after “skip the use” the band still has this punchy music and this energy on stage but their last album was criticized by some fans saying the music produced In “Sound from the shadow” wasn’t original as it used to be and claimed that their music was starting to be like Bloc Party, an English band.

In this Ep they have released five songs: Pil, People in the shadow, Darkness paradise, animal and song 2.  The last song is a cover of the famous English band “Blur” which I must say is a better version than the original one, they managed to release an electro punk version of the song.

                                  Mat Bastard

I personally enjoyed listening to  this album and I don’t think it looks like any of bloc party’s song, it’s a real punk and rock Ep and I even find this album better than the previous one, it seems to me matt bastard has improve a lot and  you can hear it in the song “Darkness paradise”.

So if you enjoy Punk music and if you’re fed up of listening to old punk bands such as the Sex pistols or Rancid this is what you are looking for, it’s new, it’s French and it’s awesome.  
5 rap videos

1)        Chiddy Bang: opposite of adults

2)        Kid Cudi: cudderisback

3)          Wiz Khalifa: Fly solo

4)           Skizzy Mars: Douchebag

5)             Nekfeu: Monsieur sable

 Hoodie Allen’s “Leap Year"

At only 23 years old, Steven Markowitz, better known as Hoodie Allen has released his third mixtape entitled “Leap Year”. After being an employee at Google, Hoodie Allen left the company, to focus on his hip hop/singer career. After a remarkable buzz on the internet, with his previous mix tape “Pep Rally”, the New York  M.C. is providing us something new with more unusual and audacious covers. This mixtape draws pretty well the portrait of this new artist: a hard working song writer devoted to music.

With his skinny jeans, his big glasses and his checked shirts, Hoodie Allen is clearly not the rapper you expect to see, but that’s what makes him unique and original. With his producer RJF who is also Hoodie Allen’s friend, they show us the art of sampling and mixing. Hoodie raps over instrumentals already used which brings an indie, pop and rap sound to his album. “Leap Year” is telling the story of a boy for whom music meant everything, and dropped everything to become a full time artist.  

                                Hoodie Allen

“Song For An Actress” is the perfect opener to introduce Hoodie’s work: He uses a sample of the song “Don’t gotta work it out” from the L.A band Fitz and the Tantrums, a perfect match between the music and his lyrics.

The music video of the song “The Chase Is On” was posted on You Tube two months ago and it has already more than one million views. The beat is lively and the sample is well chosen.  With an unusual name and an original music this artist surely knows how to get to his listeners with powerful lyrics and audacious covers.

 All Hoodie’s fans will agree to say that he‘s an original and ambitious singer too : “In James Franco” he uses  a sample of one the most popular and the most influential hip hop band of all times,  The Black Eyed Peas ( “Clap your hands” song  ) and he’s able to release a song as good as the original one.
It can be disappointing for those who liked “Pep Rally” and who are looking for radical changes, because both mixtapes are quite similar: there are samples of pop songs with hoodie’s rap. But as the previous one it’s a very imaginative project, the lyrics are very catchy and the rhythm dynamic, and it’s also easy to listen to. The advantage of this mixtape is that you can download it on hoodie Allen’s website, it’s free it’s legal and it is worth it.                                  

Here's the song the chase is on from his mixtape

This is Hoodie's website, so go and check it out if you want to  find out more about this new artist.
5 videos of French artists

1)         David Guetta feat kid cudi: Memories

2)          Yodelice: More than meets the eye

3)              -M- : Qui de nous deux ?

4)         lyricsson: Those with no love


5)          Brooklyn: Clandestine

Ben l’oncle soul

Benjamin Duterde better known as Ben l’oncle soul (ben the soul uncle in French) is a French soul artist. He was discovered by a music company (Motown) on YouTube three years ago. He’s famous for the soul cover of “seven nation army” originally performed by the white stripes. Ben is French and it’s hard to believe when you listen to his album, he has an American accent, and you could not have guessed that he was French.

He’s an original and a very talented artist, at the beginning of his career he used too performed covers of very famous pop songs such as: I kissed a girl (Katy Perry), Barbie girl (aqua), say you’ll be there (spice girls) and he managed to produce a soul version of pop songs and this is one of the reason why he became famous in France.

Ben does not only cover song, he also writes his own songs, French and English songs. The other particularity of this singer is how he is dressed: he wanted to dress like they used to in the 1950s, he wears old glasses old shoes and old shirts.

                            Ben l'oncle soul first album

His first album in 2009 was “soul wash”, and the second was “Ben l’oncle soul” in 2010. He has voice comparable to Stevie wonder, and his music is very similar to Otis Redding. This is a new soul artist you have to listen to.

The songs you must listen to: seven nation army, soul man, and I kissed a girl.

                            Acoustic version of seven nation army

 Here five French artists:


Yodelice, a folk and pop rock artist.


M, a rock artist.


Phoenix, a French indie Rock band from Versailles.


 Cocoon a pop Folk band

Superbus a rock band.