Sunday, 11 December 2011

Skip the use: "Sound from the shadow"

Skip the use is a French punk band from Lille with the charismatic singer mat Bastard. After a great success in 2009 with their previous album entitled “Skip the Use” they released their second album “Sound from the shadow” in 2011. Two years after “skip the use” the band still has this punchy music and this energy on stage but their last album was criticized by some fans saying the music produced In “Sound from the shadow” wasn’t original as it used to be and claimed that their music was starting to be like Bloc Party, an English band.

In this Ep they have released five songs: Pil, People in the shadow, Darkness paradise, animal and song 2.  The last song is a cover of the famous English band “Blur” which I must say is a better version than the original one, they managed to release an electro punk version of the song.

                                  Mat Bastard

I personally enjoyed listening to  this album and I don’t think it looks like any of bloc party’s song, it’s a real punk and rock Ep and I even find this album better than the previous one, it seems to me matt bastard has improve a lot and  you can hear it in the song “Darkness paradise”.

So if you enjoy Punk music and if you’re fed up of listening to old punk bands such as the Sex pistols or Rancid this is what you are looking for, it’s new, it’s French and it’s awesome.  

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