Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ben l’oncle soul

Benjamin Duterde better known as Ben l’oncle soul (ben the soul uncle in French) is a French soul artist. He was discovered by a music company (Motown) on YouTube three years ago. He’s famous for the soul cover of “seven nation army” originally performed by the white stripes. Ben is French and it’s hard to believe when you listen to his album, he has an American accent, and you could not have guessed that he was French.

He’s an original and a very talented artist, at the beginning of his career he used too performed covers of very famous pop songs such as: I kissed a girl (Katy Perry), Barbie girl (aqua), say you’ll be there (spice girls) and he managed to produce a soul version of pop songs and this is one of the reason why he became famous in France.

Ben does not only cover song, he also writes his own songs, French and English songs. The other particularity of this singer is how he is dressed: he wanted to dress like they used to in the 1950s, he wears old glasses old shoes and old shirts.

                            Ben l'oncle soul first album

His first album in 2009 was “soul wash”, and the second was “Ben l’oncle soul” in 2010. He has voice comparable to Stevie wonder, and his music is very similar to Otis Redding. This is a new soul artist you have to listen to.

The songs you must listen to: seven nation army, soul man, and I kissed a girl.

                            Acoustic version of seven nation army

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